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Block Printing Papers are moderately priced for a student and educational market in which relief printing is often an introductory printmaking technique. In contrast with etching, intaglio, lithography, and other printmaking techniques, block printing does not require an absorbent paper.

Block printing, also called relief printing, can utilize fine archival papers too, but our block printing papers are not archival.

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  • Block Printing Basics
    Block Printing Basics

    Block printing is a great way to produce multiples of the same image and allows for variation in color and backgrounds. In this video, Kati is using Speedball Speedy Carve Blocks and shows you the basics of linoleum block printing. She also provides lots of tips for a successful print.

  • How to use Speedball Block Printing Materials
    How to use Speedball Block Printing Materials

    Learn basic block printing techniques using various Speedball materials. This video includes information on traditional linoleum block, Speedy Carve Block and other easy to use products for the beginner to advanced artist.

  • Linoleum Block Printing - Getting Started
    Linoleum Block Printing - Getting Started

    Kati explains the materials you'll need to get started in linoleum block printing. Since there are a variety of tools that can be used, Kati will show you a few options to help you select the right materials for your project.

  • Multi Layer Block Print Technique
    Multi Layer Block Print Technique

    Kati shows a quick and easy way to produce a series of multi-layered linoleum block prints. Using this unique method, you'll be able to align multiple prints on a single sheet to create a polychromatic, intricate print.


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