Easels and Art Furniture

Art Easels and Furniture

Art easels are most often used to support canvases, painting panels, painting boards, watercolor paper, and other artist’s substrates during painting sessions. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles for the studio and for outdoor (or plein air) work, easels are generally made of wood or metal, with specific features that cater to the type of media being used. Common styles include A-frame and lyre easels for upright work, and convertible and hybrid easels that can be adjusted vertically for watercolor painting, horizontally or forward for pastel painting, or to any position in between for oils, acrylics, and other heavy-bodied media.

Studio easels often have wheels so they can be moved to catch the changing light, or stored out of the way when not in use. Some easels are designed to accommodate artists both in standing and sitting positions.

H-frame easels have substantial rectangular bases for stability, while plein air, French style, and tripod field easels are generally lighter weight so they can be transported easily to outdoor painting locations. Designed for tabletop or field use, sketchbox easels offer a portable solution for transporting paints and painting supplies as well as a palette. Tabletop easels are ideal for sitting artists working on smaller canvases, or for displaying small artwork such as paintings, photographs, sketches, and memorabilia. Display easels are used to hold artwork at art shows and in studios, and to hold signage and other materials at schools, businesses, museums, offices, and other public spaces. It’s never too early to introduce children to painting and drawing — and Blick offers many affordable kids’ easels for classroom and home use. Buying a easel for any purpose can be a big decision, and Blick proudly offers easels of all types within a wide price range to fit the budgets and aesthetics of students, beginning artists, professional artists, and everyone in between.

When outfitting your studio, classroom, or home office with furniture, there are many things to consider. How large is your space? What are the best seating options for the environment? How much storage do you need? Blick takes much of the guesswork out of these decisions. Shop our huge selection of art studio furniture. Find drafting tables, chairs, stools, work tables, and storage options such as taborets, print racks, storage cabinets, bookcases, and files.

Classrooms require different types of furniture than art studios. Blick carries a variety of classroom furniture, including storage cabinets and carts with removable trays for students of all ages, plus classroom tables and chairs designed specifically for early childhood learning environments. Projectors, bulletin boards, and whiteboards, too.

If you're looking to create a sleek, upscale vibe for your home, office, or studio, Blick carries an assortment of home and office furniture too. Find accent tables, chairs, and desks, plus bookcases and decorative shelving. Pair them with streamlined and retro desk lamps and floor lamps to complete the picture.