Gyotaku Fish Printing Replicas

Custom Plastics

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Gyotaku Fish Printing Replicas - 4 Fish forms shown

Students and adults alike can enjoy making impressions from these extremely life-like rubber fish, amphibian, and reptile replicas. Cast from real animals, these latex-free rubber forms are life size and are flat on one side.

Originating in 19th century Japan, gyotaku (meaning "print fish&...

Item Specs

Alligator8-3/4"22 cm
Angel Fish7-3/8"19 cm
Bass10-3/4"27 cm
Blue Gill7-1/2"19 cm
Bull Frog10"25 cm
Flounder10"25 cm
Gecko5"13 cm
Grass Frog6"15 cm
Painted Turtle8"20 cm
Perch8-3/4"22 cm
Piranha8"20 cm
Scallop Shell4-1/2"11 cm
Sea Horse4"10 cm
Star Fish6"15 cm
Trout11-3/4"30 cm
 Walleye8-1/4"21 cm


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