Speedball Professional Relief Inks and Sets


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Speedball Professional Relief Ink - Front of 5 oz Quinacridone Red Tube

Speedball Professional Relief Inks are artist-quality, oil-based, water-miscible printmaking inks. Containing only the highest-quality pigments in a transparent base, they are ideal for creating crisp, intense prints with archival qualities.

Speedball talked to hundreds of printmakers to achie...

® Speedball is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Lightfastness Ratings
* Excellent
** Good
Crimson Red **
Diarylide Yellow *
Dioxazine Violet **
Hansa Yellow Light **
Phthalo Blue *
Phthalo Green *
Quinacridone Red *
Supergraphic Black *
Titanium White *
Ultramarine Blue *


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