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Demystifying MSRP

  • What is MSRP?

    MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (also known as “List Price”). MSRPs are published by the manufacturer of each product. Unless a product is our own brand, we do not set or inflate the MSRP. We report it. For our Blick and Utrecht brand products, we establish MSRP based on those of third-party vendors whose products most closely resemble ours in quality and size.

  • Does a discount off the MSRP represent a sale price?

    Not necessarily. A typical example would be that a product has an everyday discount of 30% off the MSRP, but during promotional periods it may rise to 40% off the MSRP. Other products might be 40% and 50% off, respectively, and so on. Paint lines often use this type of model. Some products may never be promotionally priced.

  • Are the large discounts off the MSRP offered by Blick and Utrecht real?

    Yes. Many retailers, if not the majority of them, use the MSRP as their everyday price. You will find this to be the case at big box craft stores. Blick, Utrecht, and other discount art suppliers offer significant value to the consumer by offering steep discounts. Both Blick and Utrecht (and our like-minded competitors) work hard to make sure artists get great value.

  • Why is the MSRP valuable to the consumer?

    As long as the MSRPs provided by the manufacturer are accurately conveyed by the retailer, the larger the discount advertised off the MSRP is, the lower the price to the consumer will be. In other words, if one retailer prices a product at 50% off the MSRP and another prices it at 40% off, the retailer at 50% off the MSRP is indeed charging a lower price for that particular product. MSRP is valuable to a consumer so they can compare prices and evaluate sales promotions between different retailers. That is why retailers reporting the MSRP provided by the manufacturer is so important — so you can make the most informed decision possible.


  • How does Blick set online prices?

    Online prices are based on comparison shopping at other online retailers. Both Blick and Utrecht’s online stores adjust prices up and down every day based on these comparisons. In this way, we try to take price out of the equation, making the consumer’s purchase decision ultimately depend on service and selection, where we believe we excel.

  • How does Blick set store prices?

    We attempt to provide the best prices to our retail customers in two ways. First, we shop local retail competition and ensure our prices are as good or better. Second, we respond to customer feedback, so let us know by showing your local Blick store manager a competitor’s ad! If you are a Preferred Customer, we will refund the difference in prices at 105%!

  • How does Blick set catalog prices?

    Annual catalog prices are set once a year, based on expected annual price increases from manufacturers. Unless a manufacturer has a very large price increase during the year (which is very unusual), these prices are honored throughout the calendar year, but are typically higher than our online prices. Scholastic (K–12) and other institutional/business buyers are encouraged to contact our bid sales staff to establish a discount program off the annual catalog prices. Prices in our quarterly sale flyers are set based on the online price at the time of publication, but also include seasonal promotions offered through vendors.

  • Does Blick have a price match policy?

    Yes — it is part of our Preferred Customer program’s Lowest Price Guarantee. We do not want price to be a reason to buy from another supplier if we are your preferred supplier. Our Lowest Price Guarantee provides you with the best pricing available.

    When making a purchase at, if you see an online price at a major qualifying competitor that is lower than our online price, including all discounts and shipping charges, please place your order by phone and give the competitor’s price information to our Order Entry Specialist. Please note that the price match excludes any prices that require a purchased membership (e.g., Costco).

    When making a purchase at one of our retail stores, we will match the price of an identical product(s) at any qualifying competitor within a 25-mile radius of the store for our Preferred Customers only, and we’ll beat the total order price. Simply show us the ad for an identical product(s) and we will refund 105% of the difference (see Web Match Rebate terms and conditions for details).

    We also provide an automatic web price-matching rebate for our Preferred Customers to known as Web Match Rebate, stated below.

  • Do I pay less online or at the retail store?

    Including all delivery charges from online purchases, the prices in our retail stores are equal to or lower than online pricing thanks to our Web Match Rebate program for our Preferred Customers. ALL retail transactions are processed through this program and if, after adding shipping and handling charges, a product could have been bought for less online, we provide a rebate for the difference between the two prices. For more details about our Web Match Rebate program, please refer to the Terms & Conditions section of our Automatic Web Match Rebate FAQ. Eligibility requires joining our free in-store Preferred Customer program.


  • How do Blick store coupons work?

    Blick store coupons provide customers with another option to save at Blick stores. Typically, issued coupons reduce the price of posted “Everyday Prices” on eligible items. Coupons are subject to exclusions; see

  • Why can I only use this coupon on specific items?

    Typically, an item doesn’t qualify for additional coupon savings if it is already discounted at the lowest possible price.

  • I am a Preferred Customer. What if the Web Match Rebate price is lower than if I used this coupon?

    You will automatically receive the lower of the two prices. As always, Blick Preferred Customers are eligible for further Web Match Rebate savings after a coupon discount is applied.

Prices - All prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason, including the following: (i) limitations on our ability to accept orders for shipment to addresses outside the United States; (ii) limitations on quantities of Products available for purchase; (iii) inaccuracies or errors in Product descriptions, images, or pricing information; and (iv) problems identified by credit and fraud avoidance services. We may also require additional verifications, approvals or other information before accepting any order. After we receive your offer to purchase Products, we will send an order acknowledgement to the email address you provide listing the contents of your requested order. This email serves only as information to the purchaser acknowledging that the order has been received.