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Find practical answers to your creative questions with our easy-to-follow guides.

  • drawing-pencils

    Choose A Drawing Pencil

    Discover what goes into the creation of a drawing pencil. Learn about the graphite grading scale, explore the benefits of different pencil shapes and wood types, and compare brands.

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  • art-stencils

    Explore Art Stencils

    Discover how to use art stencils to add custom flair to artwork, décor, and more. Shop ready-made stencils or find the supplies you need to create your own. Plus, find inks, surfaces, tips from the experts, and inspirational project ideas.

  • painting-party

    Host A Painting Party

    Find everything you need to spark creativity with a group painting party. Shop essential supplies for parties of any size and explore beginner-friendly tutorials that make learning to paint easy and fun.

  • gallery-wall

    Make A Gallery Wall

    Refresh your space with a contemporary gallery wall. Find a checklist of the supplies you’ll need to get started, preview your arrangement with a simple template, and shop frames that complement your artwork and your space.

  • measure-brush

    Measure A Brush

    Find the brush size that best suits your goals. Our guide provides a standard that makes measuring brushes at home fast and easy.

  • home-office

    Set Up A Home Office

    Set up a workspace that will keep you on task and organized. Find multi-purpose office furniture, storage solutions, and stylish accents to personalize your space.

  • MiniContentBlock-400x362

    Three Drawing Exercises that Will Make You a Master

    Take your drawing skills to the next level with three exercises from an expert artist.

  • MiniContentBanner 400x362

    Make Your Brushes Last

    Get expert guidance on keeping your brushes performing like new. From cleaning and maintenance to best practices for use, these simple tips will ensure they stay in great shape.

  • MiniContentBanner 400x362

    How to Deal with Loose Canvas

    Learn how to prevent canvases from sagging after being stretched and, if needed, reposition them on a frame.

  • MiniContentBanner 400x362

    How to Use Stretcher Keys

    Learn how to install and use stretcher keys to re-tension canvas that has gone slack.

  • Ask WCTubesvPans MiniContent 400x362

    How to Choose Watercolors: Tubes vs. Pans

    Find out what goes into creating watercolor pans, learn why some artists prefer pans over tubes, and get expert advice on choosing the right watercolor paints for your next project.

  • MiniContentBanner 400x362

    Oil Painting Advice for Beginners

    New to oil painting? Learn the fundamental principles of measuring by thumb, working with color, and applying varnish to unlock the mysteries of this expressive medium.

  • Ask Scale&Proportion MiniContent 400x362

    Five Tips for Mastering Scale and Proportion

    Learn how to give balance to abstract compositions and make representational renderings more realistic using visual measurements, anatomical knowledge, page proportions, and more.

  • Logan Mat Cutters Preview-Image

    All About Mat Cutting

    Learn the ins and outs of mat cutting, including basic cutter maintenance, calculating border sizes, and proper cutting techniques, from the pros at Logan.  

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