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Plein Air Pastel Painting with Julie Davis
Pack your pastels, we’re going on a plein air painting adventure! Paint along with Julie as she captures a historic barn in all of its rustic charm. Get tips and tricks for working with pastels outdoors, including an overview of the gear you’ll need and how to use a gridded composition finder for accurate perspective. Escape the everyday as you discover why pastels make the perfect medium for plein air painting!
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How to Screen Print with Speedball Flex Ink
Using Speedball Craft Vinyl Screen Printing Kits and Speedball Flex Inks, artist Jennifer Sanderson demonstrates how to create vibrant, stretchable designs that (almost) outlast your t-shirt!
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How to Make a Monstera Gelli Print
Create a vibrant Monstera print using Utrecht Artists’ Fluid Acrylic Paint and an easy monoprinting technique.
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Citrus Fruit Palette Knife Painting
Have a zest for texture? Use palette knife painting techniques to create vibrant lemons using on Blick Premier Canvas! Learn every step of the process, including priming and toning your canvas, sketching from observation, and color mixing. Find out how to mix and apply Utrecht Cadmium-Free Acrylic Colors and matte medium for a textured finish.
Paint Botanicals with Liquitex Basics Acrylic Fluids
Organic forms can be a wonderful starting point to let your imagination grow wild. For this project, choose photos of your favorite plants and flowers or surround yourself with live flora to inspire your sense of wonder, but don’t feel you must make exact copies. Follow along with artist Jimmy Leslie as he uses new Liquitex Basics Acrylic Fluid to create whimsical shapes on a contrasting field of vibrant color.
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How to Paint a Textured Landscape with Oils
Learn how to paint a textured landscape with Utrecht Artists’ Oil Paints! Great for beginners, this tutorial focuses on fundamental oil painting techniques like fat over lean, modifying colors, and adding texture with a palette knife.
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Monarch Butterfly Oil Painting
Flutter into spring with a colorful butterfly painting! Use Utrecht Artists’ Oil Paints to glaze and layer, then add palette knife techniques to create a uniquely textured piece. Learn important concepts like managing paint drying times, sketching with charcoal, and more, in this seasonally-inspired tutorial!
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Loose Floral Watercolors
Let creativity bloom with an everlasting floral bouquet! Use Sennelier watercolors to create a custom palette, then paint a loose floral composition with Blick watercolor brushes on a Fabriano watercolor block. Master the watercolor process with this step-by-step demo, which covers sketching from observation, color mixing, highlighting, and wet-into-wet painting techniques.
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Monstera Watercolor Painting
Grow your watercolor skills! Find out how to paint a vibrant Monstera leaf using a masking fluid resist method and staining and lifting techniques to add texture to your painting.
How to Paint Watercolor Flowers with Jenna Rainey
Paint along with watercolor artist Jenna Rainey as she shows how she uses the Princeton Blooms Brush to create colorful watercolor flowers, including petals, leaves, and stems.
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Dyed Concrete Planters
Use DIY molds and cement to create these custom planters. They're easy to make and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Magnolia Watercolor Painting
Watercolor your way into spring! Learn new watercolor painting techniques like painting from observation, creating and painting with a wash, wet-into-wet applications, staining, lifting, and more. Sketch and paint a magnolia flower using Utrecht Artists’ Watercolors, Utrecht Designers Gouache, and Utrecht Synthetic Golden Taklon Watercolor Brushes on a cradled Ampersand Aquabord! Discover the resilience of the substrate and a new way to work with gouache in this watercolor painting tutorial.
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Watercolor Painting
Open the door to creativity! Paint a charming scene with a rustic door, foliage, and loose florals using Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors featuring the PrimaTek Set — made with genuine mineral pigments for vibrant, sparkling shades! Learn to sketch with a pencil and ink on watercolor paper. Then, learn a variety of watercolor techniques, including wet-on-wet, staining, and highlighting.
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How to Draw a Creative Portrait
Follow along with artist Keena Gozé as she shares tricks and tips for drawing a creative portrait with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils and markers. Using markers as a base, she layers over it with colored pencil to add value, contrast, and depth.
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Foliage Watercolor Painting
Brighten any space with a fresh foliage-themed painting! Learn to mix unique color combinations using an analogous color palette on a cold press watercolor block. Incorporate masking, staining, and lifting techniques with color washes. Get inspired as you create artwork that will give your space a pop of spring color!
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Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Anemone
Create your own colorful blossoms with an easy-to-follow template, crepe paper, and scissors.
Bird of Paradise Block Print
Learn to print like a pro! Explore fundamental block printing techniques, including carving and inking a linoleum block using our template or your own original design. Transfer the image onto paper, turning your carved block into colorful frame-worthy artwork!
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Blending Two Colours to Create a Skyscape using Winton Oil Colour
Learn to blend two colours to create a skyscape using Winton Oil Colour! Rachel Levitas studied at Camberwell School of Art, and the Royal Academy Schools in London where she was awarded the Turner Gold Medal for Painting. In 2010 Rachel was awarded first prize at the prestigious Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize for her painting Urban Fox III.
How to Paint Glistening Ocean Waves with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics
Follow along with artist Kristen Brown as she combines Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic and Liquitex Effects Iridescent Medium to paint an ocean scene that shimmers.
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Watermelon Matte Acrylic Painting
Enjoy one last slice of summer with a vibrant watermelon painting! Learn how to paint with the bold colors of Blick Matte Acrylics! Affordable and fully intermixable, they’re ideal for creating flat, matte, graphic artwork that photographs beautifully. Plus, explore versatile brushstroke techniques with Princeton Velvetouch Brushes!
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