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How to Paint a Textured Landscape with Oils
How to Paint a Textured Landscape with Oils
Learn how to paint a textured landscape with Utrecht Artists’ Oil Paints! Great for beginners, this tutorial focuses on fundamental oil painting techniques like fat over lean, modifying colors, and adding texture with a palette knife.
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How to Create Custom Alcohol Ink Mugs
Make mornings brighter with a set of colorful custom mugs made by you! Learn how to combine alcohol inks and blending solution to create beautiful fluid designs on white ceramic mugs. Finish and seal mugs with Pebeo Porcelaine Gloss Medium to ensure they’re safe for use when dry.
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Watermelon Matte Acrylic Painting
Enjoy one last slice of summer with a vibrant watermelon painting! Learn how to paint with the bold colors of Blick Matte Acrylics! Affordable and fully intermixable, they’re ideal for creating flat, matte, graphic artwork that photographs beautifully. Plus, explore versatile brushstroke techniques with Princeton Velvetouch Brushes!
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DIY Geode Resin Coasters
Learn how to design colorful, on-trend resin geode coasters with Colorberry Geode Resin and Colorberry Geode Silicone molds!
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Learn To Design with Colorful Metallics
Unwind while learning how to create shimmering, high-contrast artwork that really pops! This easy-to-follow tutorial makes it easy to get started with metallic watercolors and metallic gel pens on black paper.
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Cactus Alcohol Ink Painting
Draw and paint with alcohol inks and mixed media paintbrushes to create a quirky cactus painting! Explore new and exciting mixed media techniques using alcohol inks, gel pens, and Yupo paper and learn how to mount your artwork on a hardwood panel for a ready-to-frame effect. You’ll be left with a colorful and visually exciting piece that will showcase a range of artistic abilities.
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Dip-Dye Apparel
Add your favorite color to a cropped hoodie to create personalized, dip-dye apparel made just for you — or make one for a friend!
Reverse Tie-Dye
Attend a black dye event! “Reverse tie-dye” is the process of first removing color from black fabric, then applying colorful dye to those areas for a striking contrast. Learn two fabric-safe techniques to remove color and create a variety of effects using Rit Color Remover and Jacquard deColorant. Then apply Rit Liquid Dye from a bottle, or sponge it onto specific areas to create your own unique design.
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Whimsical Wood Slices
Rustic wood slices make the perfect surface for a whimsical woodland friend! Explore three ways to decorate! Paint directly onto the wood slices, collage with decorative papers, or use a Versa Tool to “draw” the images! Perfect for parties, this easy project is fun for all ages!
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Abstract Alcohol Inks
Design your own abstract painting using alcohol inks and an alcohol ink blending solution to create a unique composition! Combine Ashley’s easy-to-follow techniques with a little bit of creativity and watch your artwork come to life as you apply inks to diverse, ultra-smooth Clayboard. You’ll be left with an aesthetically stunning piece that will liven up any living space!
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Art Journaling with Stencils
Use stencils to create an original art journal entry with artist Tracy Hickman.
Artwork title: “Chasing My Own Tail, Round and Round” Artist: Tracy Hickman; IG: @anonymous.palette
Loose Floral Watercolors
Let creativity bloom with an everlasting floral bouquet! Use Sennelier watercolors to create a custom palette, then paint a loose floral composition with Blick watercolor brushes on a Fabriano watercolor block. Master the watercolor process with this step-by-step demo, which covers sketching from observation, color mixing, highlighting, and wet-into-wet painting techniques.
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Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Anemone
Create your own colorful blossoms with an easy-to-follow template, crepe paper, and scissors.
Magnolia Watercolor Painting
Watercolor your way into spring! Learn new watercolor painting techniques like painting from observation, creating and painting with a wash, wet-into-wet applications, staining, lifting, and more. Sketch and paint a magnolia flower using Utrecht Artists’ Watercolors, Utrecht Designers Gouache, and Utrecht Synthetic Golden Taklon Watercolor Brushes on a cradled Ampersand Aquabord! Discover the resilience of the substrate and a new way to work with gouache in this watercolor painting tutorial.
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Decorated Planters
Create a planter as colorful as your summer blooms with Posca Paint Markers! Create an original sketch, then layer vibrant Posca colors on a planter for a fresh, fun piece of summer décor!
Project created and designed exclusively for BLICK Art Materials by Rosie Moon Creations @rosiemooncreations
Dyed Concrete Planters
Use DIY molds and cement to create these custom planters. They're easy to make and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Faux Marble Jewelry Organizer
Create a holder as beautiful as your jewelry using this faux marble process developed by Jane and Sonja from the Resin Crafts blog!
Before starting your project be sure to cover your work surface and carfeully read through the instructions provided on the FastCast Urethane Resin Casting box for best results. Be sure your work area is free of dust and dirt and is well-ventilated.
Shibori Style Techniques
Shibori is the art of compressing, folding, and binding fabric to create beautiful designs. Combine these techniques using RIT Dye and a set of tea towels to create a Shibori Style set for your home!
Framed Jewelry Holder
Complete this framed jewelry holder in just three easy steps. All you need is a pretty frame, wire mesh, and a staple gun. Use a frame of any color or shape for a variety of different styles.
Special Effects Watercolor
Watercolor two ways — liquid and powder! Use Pebeo Drawing Gum Markers to quickly and easily block out areas to keep white space. Then create free-flowing fluid washes with Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Liquid Watercolors. As a final special effect, add a touch of texture with Ken Oliver Color Burst Watercolor Powder.
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