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Create a Vibrant Floral Bouquet with Sharpie Creative Markers
Learn how to draw bright florals with the new Sharpie Creative Markers! In this tutorial, artist Lois Sparks will show you how to draw basic flowers and leaves to create a floral bouquet bursting with color.
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DIY Shibori Canvas Wall Art
With a few simple folds of fabric and a couple of dips in Rit Dye, you can create a beautiful shibori masterpiece to mount on your wall!
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How to Paint a Still Life with Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors
Artist Christina Kent breaks down how to paint a still life—a great exercise for beginning and experienced artists alike. After toning her canvas and arranging her still life composition, Christina demonstrates how to sketch out the design before adding vibrancy and depth with Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors.
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How to Paint Glistening Ocean Waves with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics
Follow along with artist Kristen Brown as she combines Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic and Liquitex Effects Iridescent Medium to paint an ocean scene that shimmers.
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Watermelon Matte Acrylic Painting
Enjoy one last slice of summer with a vibrant watermelon painting! Learn how to paint with the bold colors of Blick Matte Acrylics! Affordable and fully intermixable, they’re ideal for creating flat, matte, graphic artwork that photographs beautifully. Plus, explore versatile brushstroke techniques with Princeton Velvetouch Brushes!
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Seascape Acrylic Gouache Painting
The sky’s the limit! Learn to paint a sunset seascape scene. Start by sketching from a reference image on Ampersand Claybord. Then use Holbein Acrylic Gouache as a watercolor to create washes and block areas of color to develop an underpainting. Finally, using Princeton Aqua Elite watercolor brushes and the gouache, paint over the wash with bold brushstrokes and add detail.
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How to Draw a Colorful Sea Turtle with Prismacolor
Learn to draw a colorful sea turtle with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and Dual-Ended Chisel Tip Markers! In this tutorial, you’ll first draw a detailed turtle in an ocean setting, then use your colored pencils and markers to create a stunning rainbow gradient effect.
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Gouache Painted Postcards
A tropical beach scene — signed, sealed, delivered! Paint along with us as we create colorful postcards inspired by a beach vacation! Learn color blocking and other painting techniques to explore the opaque qualities of gouache. Then, send personalized mail to friends and family!
Acrylic Sailboat Painting
Set sail on palette knife painting adventure! Combine a limited palette of vibrant acrylic paints and mediums, then learn tips and tricks for using a palette knife to achieve a variety of interesting textural effects!
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Custom Skateboard Decks
Use Saral transfer paper and Molotow markers to create a unique skateboard that’s sure to make a statement! Design created by Sharon Graham of Little Loaf Designs. Learn more about Sharon’s artwork by visiting her website
How to Create a Vibrant Koi Fish with Katy Lipscomb and Derwent
Follow along with artist Katy Lipscomb as she shares tips for drawing a butterfly koi fish with Derwent Inktense pencils, then deepening the colors with water.
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Watercolor Painting
Open the door to creativity! Paint a charming scene with a rustic door, foliage, and loose florals using Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors featuring the PrimaTek Set — made with genuine mineral pigments for vibrant, sparkling shades! Learn to sketch with a pencil and ink on watercolor paper. Then, learn a variety of watercolor techniques, including wet-on-wet, staining, and highlighting.
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Conch Shell Watercolor Painting
Shellebrate the sea-son with a beachy watercolor painting! Use our shell template or sketch from observation, then learn how to layer Utrecht Artists’ Watercolors in a variety of colorful washes. Explore useful watercolor mixing and blending techniques as you create conch shell artwork that will transport you straight to your own tropical paradise.
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How to Paint a Palm Tree with Fluid Acrylics
Paint along with Blick Featured Artist Rachel Christopoulos as she demos an easy technique for creating a vibrant abstract palm tree with Daler-Rowney System3 Fluid Acrylics.
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Hibiscus Block Print
Learn how to print like a pro! Learn how to carve and ink a linoleum block using your own design or our printable template. Transfer the image onto paper to turn it into art that’s ready to display!
Citrus Fruit Palette Knife Painting
Have a zest for texture? Use palette knife painting techniques to create vibrant lemons using on Blick Premier Canvas! Learn every step of the process, including priming and toning your canvas, sketching from observation, and color mixing. Find out how to mix and apply Utrecht Cadmium-Free Acrylic Colors and matte medium for a textured finish.
Cactus Alcohol Ink Painting
Draw and paint with alcohol inks and mixed media paintbrushes to create a quirky cactus painting! Explore new and exciting mixed media techniques using alcohol inks, gel pens, and Yupo paper and learn how to mount your artwork on a hardwood panel for a ready-to-frame effect. You’ll be left with a colorful and visually exciting piece that will showcase a range of artistic abilities.
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Decorated Planters
Create a planter as colorful as your summer blooms with Posca Paint Markers! Create an original sketch, then layer vibrant Posca colors on a planter for a fresh, fun piece of summer décor!
Project created and designed exclusively for BLICK Art Materials by Rosie Moon Creations @rosiemooncreations
Gilded Sun Prints
Use the sun to turn a favorite piece of jewelry, leaves from a nature walk, or a collage of random items into a piece of elegant art.
How to Paint Watercolor Citrus with Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper
Learn to paint vibrant citrus slices using Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper, a luxurious, bright white surface that makes colors pop.
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