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Abstract Paintings Group
Simple landscape shapes and cool colors make a comforting statement in a bedroom or any room. Use our pattern — or design your own!
Acrylic Web Jewelry
Drip, drizzle, then dry. That's all it takes to make these trendy necklaces and bracelets that really make a statement!
Alcohol Inks
Create your own abstract alcohol-ink painting with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Each finished work is unique to you and ready to hang!
Architectural Letters
Create your own 3D Letters - or any shape you’d like! Instead of wet, messy adhesive and maché materials, these letters are formed with paper packing tape over cardboard, with paper cups sandwiched between for support. The hard, durable surface can be finished with any painting, drawing, or collage media.
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Artistic Serving Tray
Preserve your kid's artwork in an unexpected way. Create a collage with their art and decoupage it to a wooden serving tray.
Balsa Foam Coat of Arms
The medieval art of heraldry is updated to create a unique and decorative gift!
Celtic Wire Jewelry
Twist and bend copper wire into intricate designs with an easy-to-use metal jig to create the perfect fashion statement.
Circle Wall Art
Repeating and relating to one another in a simple, harmonious sculpture, these circles are made with rings of reed and decorative papers in a variety of colors and patterns.
Copper Statement Necklace
A quick and easy way to make a great impression! Using just a copper sheet, a pre-mixed patina, and a bit of embossing, you'll be ready to make a fashion statement.
Coptic Stitch Journal
As early as the 2nd century A.D., Coptic Christians living in Egypt employed a simple stitching method to bind books. Still in use today, an advantage of journals sewn in the Coptic style is that they lie completely flat when open. Use bleedproof paper, watercolor paper, or any multimedia paper to customize your Coptic journal!
Cupid's Arrow Valentines
Why settle for candy hearts when you can win someone's heart with these playful and stylish arrows?
Custom Leather Coasters
Bring a unique look to a table near you with customized coasters made from leather. Any design can be transferred and engraved into the leather, offering endless opportunities for creativity.
Custom Skateboard Decks
Use Saral transfer paper and Molotow markers to create a unique skateboard that’s sure to make a statement! Design created by Sharon Graham of Little Loaf Designs. Learn more about Sharon’s artwork by visiting her website
Cut Canvas Art
A pretty and versatile decoration! Just cut an original design into a framed canvas and add decorative paper to create a colorful background. Switch the paper as desired to suit your mood or décor.
DIY Foam Board Desk Organizer
All your supplies will be at your fingertips in this sturdy, spinning organizer. Organize brushes, markers, scissors, rulers, crayons, and more, and personalize it to your heart's content. It also has a handy compartment for holding paper!
Double Sided Holiday Blocks
Looking for a decoration you can use for more than one holiday? Decorate both sides of these versatile blocks with festive holiday colors and sayings, and easily flip them as the seasons change!
Dyed Concrete Planters
Use DIY molds and cement to create these custom planters. They're easy to make and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Dyed Silk Galaxy Scarf
Inspired by images of nebulae and supernovas, this simple scarf embodies the wonders of the galaxy. No two are alike!
Easter Basket
Learn to weave the perfect picnic or Easter basket. This project teaches the basics of basket making using flat and round reeds with a washi tape twist. Start with the basics, then move on to create larger and more intricate baskets.
Easy Felt Storage Box
A modern take on an easy, no-sew, no-glue storage box! Store craft supplies, toys, shoes, and more.