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How to Draw a Creative Portrait
How to Draw a Creative Portrait
Follow along with artist Keena Gozé as she shares tricks and tips for drawing a creative portrait with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils and markers. Using markers as a base, she layers over it with colored pencil to add value, contrast, and depth.
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How to Create a Vibrant Koi Fish with Katy Lipscomb and Derwent
Follow along with artist Katy Lipscomb as she shares tips for drawing a butterfly koi fish with Derwent Inktense pencils, then deepening the colors with water.
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How to Draw Sunflowers with Anna Wilson and Legion Stonehenge
Follow along with artist Anna Wilson as she demonstrates how to draw detailed sunflowers on a Legion Stonehenge Spiral Pad.
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How to Paint Watercolor Citrus with Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper
Learn to paint vibrant citrus slices using Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper, a luxurious, bright white surface that makes colors pop.
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How to Draw a Hyper-Realistic Eye with Prismacolor Premier Markers and Colored Pencils
Explore tips and tricks for drawing a hyper-realistic eye with Prismacolor Premier markers and colored pencils. Learn how artist Keena Gozé combines markers and colored pencils to create colorful blends and realistic effects.
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How to Make a Personalized Journal Cover
Up the sturdiness and style of your spiral journal with a handy cover made by you! Learn how to use canvas and bookbinding tape to eliminate flimsiness and prevent spirals from deforming. Create a pencil holder on the front to make this cover the complete package.
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Coptic Stitch Journal
As early as the 2nd century A.D., Coptic Christians living in Egypt employed a simple stitching method to bind books. Still in use today, an advantage of journals sewn in the Coptic style is that they lie completely flat when open. Use bleedproof paper, watercolor paper, or any multimedia paper to customize your Coptic journal!
Mason Jar Moroccan Lanterns
All it takes is a little tape and some paint to transform simple mason jars into stylish, decadent lanterns for your dinner table.
How to Make a Fake Blood Splatter Table Cover
Give your table cover a spooky makeover with fake blood splatter! Learn how to make fake blood with Rit dye and a food thickener, then create a splatter look using a squeeze bottle. Set the dye with Rit ColorStay Dye Fixative, rinse in cold water, and wash before using.
How to Make Tie-Dye Pillowcase Trick-or-Treat Bags
Get into the Halloween spirit with colorful trick-or-treat bags! Learn how to make unique tie-dye patterns on a cotton pillowcase using Rit dye. Apply a Halloween vinyl embellishment as a finishing touch for a trick-or-treat bag that’s so cute, it’s scary.
How to Make a Monstera Gelli Print
Create a vibrant Monstera print using Utrecht Artists’ Fluid Acrylic Paint and an easy monoprinting technique.
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How to Blend Markers for Beginners
Learn how artist Ali LePere creates seamless color gradations with Tombow Dual Brush Pens! Learn Ali’s easy trick for blending colors to bring an inspiring message to life.
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Beetle Painting
Catch the art bug! Learn how to create contrast and texture on creepy, crawly bug bodies by carving into an Ampersand Claybord panel. Then bring these bugs to life with FW Acrylic Artists’ Inks, a pen holder, and a nib!
Acrylic Skins Mosaic
Turn dried acrylic paint into a kaleidoscopic mosaic! Known as “skins”, dried acrylic paint is a fun, flexible material that can be cut into shapes and arranged to create mosaic beautiful designs. Learn how to use mediums and add-ins for gorgeous transparent and textured effects—this demo is perfect for all ages and skill levels!
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Creative Quill Pens
An ancient tool with a modern twist! Learn how to create your very own feather quill. Decorate your feather with Blick Matte Acrylics and add a metal nib for easier control, then you’re all set to write or draw!
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Learn To Design with Colorful Metallics
Unwind while learning how to create shimmering, high-contrast artwork that really pops! This easy-to-follow tutorial makes it easy to get started with metallic watercolors and metallic gel pens on black paper.
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Modern Macramé Décor
Learn simple macramé techniques as you craft along with Julie to create boho-inspired home décor! Discover how to use plastic stitchery canvas, cotton cord, hemp, and jute to create perfectly-spaced geometric designs. Tie on simple knots, then finish your piece with decorative beads and fringe—you’ll be left with on-trend wall art that looks much more complex than it actually is.
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How to Paint Gradient Watercolor Mountains
Learn a simple technique to create washes of color, adding dimension to your watercolor paintings.
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How to Paint a Palm Tree with Fluid Acrylics
Paint along with Blick Featured Artist Rachel Christopoulos as she demos an easy technique for creating a vibrant abstract palm tree with Daler-Rowney System3 Fluid Acrylics.
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How to Paint Watercolor Flowers with Jenna Rainey
Paint along with watercolor artist Jenna Rainey as she shows how she uses the Princeton Blooms Brush to create colorful watercolor flowers, including petals, leaves, and stems.
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