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Inovart Printmaking Classroom Pack

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Classroom Set
Classroom Set
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Introduce children to the printmaking process with this set that includes "Eco" print blocks, a material that's pliable, yet heavy enough that it won't slip or skid while being carved. Made from 100% recycled material, it's latex-free , non-toxic , and can be carved on both sides. The classroom pack includes:

  12 Eco print blocks, 6" × 9" × 3/8" 
  3 Quick Release lino cutter handles with a design that allows instant interchange of cutter blades (each handle comes with 5 blades) 
  3 Snap-Out  latex-free , soft rubber brayers with replaceable rollers, 4" wide 
  10 ink mixing trays, 6" × 9" × 1/2" 
  50 sheets of white, premium-quality block printing paper 


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