Block Printing

Find everything you need for block printing projects at Blick. Block (or relief) printing is a process that involves carving into linoleum, wood, foam, or another carving material and printing an impression of the carved surface onto paper, textiles, and more.

Discover block printing supplies, from printing inks and blocks to brayers, barens, printing presses, and much more. Shop artist-grade pigments, presses, and more, or find easy-to-carve blocks and kits for beginners and students.

Create repeat patterns and designs easily. Start by sketching a design on a block, and carve out the surrounding surface. Then, roll ink or paint onto the block with a brayer. To print it onto paper, press the paper onto the block, and rub it with a baren to ensure even distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use block printing inks on fabric?

    No. Water-soluble block printing inks remain water-soluble even after they have dried and are not suitable for fabrics that will be laundered. Be sure to look for block printing inks that specify that they are for use on fabrics.