Witch Apothecary Jars

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Repurpose empty food containers and bottles to create potion ingredient jars that would make any witch jealous. Grab your kids or a friend and spend the afternoon making Halloween decorations that will bring a smile year after year!

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  1. Remove any labels from your container. (If tightly affixed, leave them on.) Mix Blick Studio Acrylic paint with Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel Medium in a 1:1 ratio. Leaving the lid on the container, cover it with an even coat of the mixture. Let dry.STEP1
  2. Using a bottle of Lumiere 3D Metallic Paint & Adhesive as a writing tool, write an ingredient name on the front of the bottle in a shaky, witchy script. Suggestions: Eye of Newt, Bat Wings, Dragon Scales, etc. You can also draw a simple sketch to accompany the ingredient name, like a wing or an eye. Let dry.STEP2
  3. Add some scary embellishments with glue! Use green wool to mimic moss or white wool to look like cobwebs. Wrap the edge of the lid with jute twine and top it with a piece of bark or an acorn. To make the bottle look old and sooty, mix Liquitex Texture Gel in Black Lava with a little Ultra Matte Gel Medium and apply it to the shoulder of the container. Top with a feather.STEP3