Filipino Parol

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In the Philippines, during the Festival of Lights, traditional bamboo and paper parol (star lantern), symbolize the victory of light over darkness as well as hope and goodwill.

This simplified version is easy to construct by folding flat reed. Cover with paper and paint with watercolors to make...

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  1. Soak reed for 10 minutes to make it easy to bend.
  2. Fold reed in a zig-zag fashion so that there are 10 folds (will be 10 sides of star. Secure with band and allow to dry.
  3. Unfold into a star shape. Two sides will overlap and may be stapled together.
  4. Lay star flat and run glue along top edge. Place on a sheet of paper and position a book over it to weight so that it forms a good bond between the star and paper.
  5. After glue has dried, cut excess paper away from edge of star with scissors.
  6. Paint with watercolors on front, back and sides of star.
  7. Place a drop of glue in the top point of the star and add a string to hang.
  8. Create optional streamers from construction or tissue paper.