Poured Polar Aurora

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Poured Polar Aurora
Poured Polar Aurora

Pour tempera paint in layers from a cup, then watch gravity create amazing, marblized patterns.

Add a landscape sihouette and the pour becomes a blazing polar aurora in the night sky. Include glow-in-the-dark glitter glue and the auroras will actually glow when the lights are out.

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  1. In a small paper cup, squeeze out just enought paint to cover the bottom.
  2. Create a pool in the center with a second color.
  3. Repeat, squeezing alternating layers of paint and glue in the center of each color, forming a "bullseye".
  4. Place canvas panel over the top of the cup and flip upside down.
  5. Tap the cup for 30 seconds, allowing the paint to flow out. Lift the cup and discard.
  6. Hold the panel upright and rotate it, allowing paint to run in all directions until the panel is covered. Panel can be tapped on a paper towel on a table to help it to cover the entire piece.
  7. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  8. Cut a silhouette of a landscape, cityscape or woodland animal from black paper and glue to the front of the poured panel.