Yupo Stenciled T-Shirt Surprise

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Create one-of-a-kind wearable art using a stencil cut from Yupo Watercolor Paper and a fine mist of bleach.

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1. Find an image online that would make a solid stencil, or draw something of your own. Using a window or a light box, transfer the image to Yupo Watercolor Paper with a black marker. Yupo is a unique synthetic alternative to traditional art papers. Machine-made in the USA from 100% polypropylene, Yupo is waterproof, stain-resistant, and extremely strong and durable. (For an alternative to handmade stencils, try The Crafter's Workshop Stencils. They come in a variety of designs.)


2. Using an X-Acto knife or scissors, cut the image out of the sheet of Yupo. Be sure to protect your work surface from the cutting blade.


3. Position the stencil on the T-shirt of your choice. Fill the atomizer bottle with bleach. Spray around the stencil with bleach, being careful not to move the stencil. Scrunch up the fabric around the stencil or use elastic bands to add variation to the background color. Let the item sit until the bleach has worked. Remove the stencil to reveal the finished design! Rinse the stencil under cool water and it can be used multiple times. Launder or rinse the stenciled item. Tip: This process works on any natural fiber, so try it out on jeans, tote bags, curtains, pillowcases, and more.