Yarn Egg Lights

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Spruce up any holiday with these fun egg-shaped lights made from yarn. Easy and super versatile, these "eggs" can be made in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can swap them out for different occasions.

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1. Blow up 12 balloons until they are approximately 6" in diameter. Because they're not blown up completely, the balloons will maintain an egg shape.


2. Tie an end of yarn (still attached to the ball of yarn) around the stem of the balloon and knot it. Use a foam brush to cover the balloon with Mod Podge.


3. Wrap the balloon with yarn in a random pattern, making sure to leave some open areas to run the lights through. Cut the yarn and affix the end to the balloon. Use the foam brush to cover the yarn with Mod Podge. Apply it generously to make sure the yarn is well coated. It may look messy, but the egg will be beautiful when it's dry! Allow the balloon to dry for 24 hours.


4. When the balloon and yarn are completely dry, pop the balloon and remove it from the yarn egg.


5. String lights through the eggs, plug them in, and hang! You can make yarn egg lights for any holiday — spring colors for Easter, red and green for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween! They're easy to swap out as the seasons change.