Woodburned Box

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Turn a plain wood box into unique storage for jewelry, coins, and other keepsakes.

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1. Draw a design on the wood box with a pencil. If you're not comfortable drawing a freehand design, find a printed design and use transfer paper to transfer the design onto the box.


2. Plug in the wood burning tool and allow it to heat up. Practice on a piece of scrap wood to familiarize yourself with the tool and the effects you can create with different nibs. Keep a pair of pliers nearby for changing nibs as you work. Be very careful when changing nibs; never touch the tip of the tool!


3. When your design is complete, apply paint or stain as desired, then spray the box with a clear protective coat. If you decide to paint the box, a great option is Blick Liquid Watercolors — or use watercolor pencils for greater control over your design.