Watercolor Chandelier

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Brighten up your home or work space with this easy and elegant paper chandelier!


1. Using Blick Artists' Watercolor in pale spring colors, paint simple matching patterns ranging from light to dark on each of the four Okawara paper sheets.


2. Trace 3" circles on half of each sheet and 2" circles on the second half. Cut out the circles. You should have 36 large circles and 64 small ones.


3. On a flat surface, arrange five of the small circles in a row, blank side up. Run a strip of tape across the row to connect them. Leave 1" of tape at the end to attach the row to the small hoop.


4. Create additional rows of small circles, some with five circles and some with six. Following the same process, create 12 rows of three large circles each on the large hoop.


5. To create the chandelier base, bend two 12" rods at right angles, then curl the ends with pliers. Cut four 6" sections and curl the ends. Cut an 8" section for the hook.


6. Attach the two bent rods to the large hoop and pinch the ends closed with pliers. Bend the 8" piece at 1-3/4" intervals and curl the excess to make a hook. Attach the piece to the elbows of the two bent rods.


7. Attach the four 6" sections evenly around the large hoop and pinch the ends closed where they connect.


8. Lift the top section by the hook and attach the small hoop inside. Pinch the loops of the 6" sections closed. If the wires shift, add tape at the joints to stabilize the chandelier. Hang and enjoy!

STEP 1.1