St. Patrick's Day Garland

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Simply drop alcohol inks onto cut out shamrocks and adhere them to twine to create a festive garland perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

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1.     Print out your shamrock template. Place the 9" x 12" Yupo paper on top of the printed shamrock template and trace the shamrock shapes onto the translucent Yupo paper.

Step 2

2.      Cut out the shamrock shapes traced onto the Yupo paper.

Step 3

3.      Use two alcohol ink colors per shamrock, following a rainbow scheme. The garland shown here has a "green heavy" rainbow in honor of St. Patrick's Day. The colors we used are: red/orange, orange/yellow, yellow/lt. green, lt. green/dk. green, dk. green/teal, teal/purple.

Step 4

4.      Lightly drop the alcohol inks onto the shamrocks, and gently move the ink around with cotton swabs to cover the entire shamrock. It's best to work quickly as alcohol inks dry quickly.

Step 5

5.      Alcohol inks need time to cure. Leave them untouched for at least a half hour before proceeding. If you applied the ink heavily, it may remain slightly tacky in texture.

Step 6

6.      Heat a hot glue gun to a low heat setting to avoid warping the Yupo paper. Carefully adhere your colorful shamrocks to the twine roughly 5"–7" apart. Once the glue has completely dried, hang your festive garland and enjoy!

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