Simple Silk Screen in the Round

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Silk screening made simple with Mod Podge and an embroidery hoop. Try this easy and inexpensive way to make T-shirts, aprons, bags, or art prints! Stretch polyester screen fabric over an embroidery hoop, brush on Mod Podge to make a mask, then squeegee ink over the design.

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1.     Assemble the printing screen by securing polyester fabric tightly within the embroidery hoop. Transfer a design to the fabric by tracing with a pencil.

Step 1

2.      Place the embroidery hoop on two stretcher bars (scrap wood or books could also be used) to raise it above the table. Brush Mod Podge around the outside of the design or on any areas not meant to be printed. Use a small brush for any detailed lines. Allow it to dry completely. Hold the hoop up to the light to check for any missed areas that might need a touch up. Wherever the Mod Podge is placed, no ink will pass through the screen.

Step 2

3.      Place the item to be printed under the hoop. Apply a line of Speedball printing ink onto the screen. Hold the squeegee at a 45° angle and pull ink down to the bottom of the hoop. If printing a T-shirt, place a piece of foam board or cardboard between the front and back of the shirt. Lift the screen from the fabric and allow the ink to dry. Iron the item to heat set it.

Step 3