Silk Scarf

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The perfect addition to any outfit, this custom silk scarf is bursting with fashionable flair.

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1. Draw your chosen design onto a 22" x 22" silk scarf with a watersoluble pencil. (Note: Pencil marks will wash out when resist is removed.)


2. Build a square frame using 23" long stretcher bars. Stretch the scarf taut over the frame and pin it down.


3. Apply Jacquard Removable White Waterbased Resist along the pencil marks with a brush. If you'd prefer a metallic look, use Permanent Gold resist, which will leave a gold outline.


4. Paint the design with Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Colors. Use the paint like you would watercolor — apply small amounts and allow the ink to spread on surface. Dilute them with water to reduce color intensity or to create a wash for the background.


5. Let dry. You can use a heat gun to speed up the process. Carefully remove the pins and release the scarf from the stretcher bars.


6. Put your iron on the silk setting. Iron all the colored areas to set the ink permanently.


7. After ironing, pour a tiny amount of liquid soap into quart-sized bucket of water. Rinse scarf with soapy water. If using removable resist, remove by gently agitating in water until all resist is removed. Let dry. Once again, a heat gun can be used to speed up the process.


8. When the scarf is dry, iron it again to remove wrinkles.