Shibori Style Techniques

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Shibori is the art of compressing, folding, and binding fabric to create beautiful designs. Combine these techniques using RIT Dye and a set of tea towels to create a Shibori Style set for your home!



1. Rinse towels in room temperature water prior to folding. Gently squeeze towels to help remove any excess water prior to folding.

2. Choose 1–2 shibori techniques for the set of towels. Folds should be as compressed as possible for best results. a. Some examples of shibori folds: i. Kanoko shibori — Similar to Western tie-dye techniques, this method involves using rubber bands to bind where pattern is desired. ii. Kumo Shibori – A pleated, bound resist. Accordion-fold fabric evenly and precisely. Use rubber bands to compress and create a pattern.

3. Once towels are folded and compressed, gently wring out excess water without disturbing the folds.

4. Add hot water to a bucket. Water should be as hot as possible.