Shibori Sensation

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These sensational Shibori wall pieces enhance any space with their deep indigo colors and pleasing designs. This fabric dyeing method is fun, satisfying, and easy to learn. Works great for scarves, tote bags, and pillowcases, too!

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1. Mix the indigo dye the night before using the included instructions, removing the "flower" before dyeing. Bundle muslin tightly using bands, blocks, and clips. Gently lower the muslin bundle into the dye, being careful not to add air to the solution. Squeeze as much dye out as possible before removing the bundle from the bucket.


2. After letting the fabric oxidize for about 20 minutes, remove all bands and clips, then rinse the fabric thoroughly. Allow it to sit and dry by hanging or laying it flat on a covered table. When dry, embellish with stitching or beading, if desired. Select square and round shapes (such as CDs) and cover them with fabric.


3. Assemble the squares and circles on the table, then experiment with combining different shapes, colors, and designs to come up with your finished pieces. Glue all pieces to a white backing board. Your Shibori Sensation is ready to display!