Secret Wood Rings

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Trendy yet magical, these enchanting rings make a captivating statement. Add some flair to your own outfit, or give this ring as a unique gift.

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1. Segment the basswood using a handsaw. (A band saw also works well if you have access to one.) Cut the pieces down to fit a small mold. All sections — even the ones with bark — can be used to make incredible jewelry.


2. Coat a plastic container with Ease Release 200 Spray. Place the pieces of wood in the container.


3. Read the ArtResin Epoxy instructions before mixing. Both parts of the epoxy should be measured out evenly. Add two drops of Castin'Craft Transparent Dye as you mix the epoxy.


4. Pour the mixed resin into the container, coating the wood pieces evenly. Set aside to cure. After 24 hours, pop the resin-covered wood pieces out of the mold.


5. Use a handsaw to segment the pieces into blocks. They should be bigger than the width of your finger. Leave extra space for sanding and refining the blocks into ring shapes.


6. Refine the blocks with a power sander, or sand the blocks by hand. The natural wood will be revealed as you sand, and you can form any shape you want.


7. Choose the spot where your finger will go and bore a hole through the wood with a drill.


8. Continue sanding the ring, refining and smoothing the shape until it's comfortable to wear.


9. Use different grades of sandpaper to get the smoothest ring possible. The finer the grade of sandpaper you use, the smoother the ring will be.


10. Use the stone polishing kit to polish the ring to a smooth, crystal-clear finish.


11. A rotary tool can be used to polish the ring more quickly and buff it until it's shiny.


12. After polishing, the eye-catching ring is ready to wear!