Simple Screen Printed Place Mats

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Create your own custom place mats. All you need is a simple design and a few basic screen printing supplies.

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1. Draw a simple design (no larger than 9" x 12") on a piece of paper.


2. Create stencils by placing a sheet of palette paper, slick-side up, over the design and using the X-Acto knife to cut out the image. Note: You'll make a separate sheet/stencil for each part of the design that's a different color.


3. Apply masking tape to the inside of the screen frame so that the open area measures 9" x 12" or smaller.


4. Center the stencil on the canvas place mat and mark the corners with a pencil.


5. Center the screen on the stencil and canvas mat. Pour a line of paint (or ink) across the short side of the screen.


6. Using the squeegee, pull the paint across the screen in both directions to ensure full coverage. Lift the screen. The stencil will remain.


7. Print all place mats with the first color. Allow the place mats to dry, discard the stencil, and wash the screen and squeegee. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for the second and third colors.


8. Enjoy your screen printed place mats!