Resin Statement Jewelry

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Every day is a party when you wear these dazzling gems! Glitter, resin, and metal combine to create an eye-catching collection of accessories great for gift-giving.

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1. Unpack the contents of the Gedeo Crystal Resin package, which includes resin, hardener, measuring cups, stir sticks, an instructional manual, and plastic gloves. You will also need a small disposable plastic cup for mixing. Cover the table with plastic or a protective covering to catch drips and splashes.


2. Following package instructions, put on the plastic gloves and measure two parts resin and one part hardener with the small measuring cups, and pour them into a larger plastic cup. Vigorously stir the mixture with a stir stick for three minutes to make sure it is mixed completely.


3. If you want to mix metallic flakes and glitter with the resin, sprinkle the desired amount of flakes into the mold. Mix and match and experiment. Then pour the resin into the mold. Fill to the top but do not over pour. Stir the glitter around to distribute it evenly, as some glitter will sink to the bottom.


4. To create a colorful background, lightly tap a layer of Martha Stewart vintage leaf glitter on the surface of the resin. Do not stir or the glitter will sink.


5. To tint the resin, pour a small amount of resin into the short plastic water cup and add a few shakes of Pearl-Ex pigment. Sir thoroughly and pour into the mold.


6. Next, put the mold in a warm, dry place. The resin will take approximately 24–36 hours to harden. When the resin is glass-hard and no longer feels sticky, put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes, then twist the mold and pop out the resin gems.


7. The edges of the gems will be sharp. Trim the edges with scissors or smooth them by wetting fine grit sandpaper and rubbing the edges in a gentle circular motion.


8. To transform your gems into jewelry, glue metal bead caps to the top of each piece with E6000 glue. When the glue has dried, use long-nose pliers to attach jump rings for use with chains or earring hooks.