Photo Transfer

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Repurpose photos of your favorite people, places, and things! These photo transfers also make wonderful gifts.

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1. Make a copy of a favorite photo on a laser jet printer or copier. Use standard copier paper, NOT photo paper. Keep in mind that your image will be reversed, which will affect any text that appears in the photo.


2. Brush a thick layer of Gloss Medium on your canvas.


3. Press the photo print facedown on the canvas. Beginning in the middle and moving to the outer edges, smooth the paper gently to remove any air bubbles. Let dry overnight.


4. When the photo print is dry, spray the entire surface with water and gently rub to reveal the image. Continue to wet the surface as needed until all of the paper has been removed. Note: Don't rub too hard or you'll damage the image.


5. Apply another layer of Gloss Medium to seal the image. Let dry completely before displaying.