Paper Ornaments

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Add a personal, delicate touch to your holiday decor with these handmade paper star ornaments. All you need is cardstock, your favorite hole punch, and just the right amount of glitter!

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1. Start by either printing a star template on the cardstock or tracing your own star. You will need two stars for each ornament. Add tabs to both stars so the two halves can be glued together. Cut out the stars.


2. Score the star, connecting the points with a ruler. Fold along the score lines, giving the star a three-dimensional look.


3. Use a hole punch to create the pattern of your choice.


4. Score the tabs, fold each, and carefully glue the two star halves together. The tabs should slide into the inside of the star ornament. Press carefully to make sure the glue sets. Repeat, leaving the last section open so you can add the hanging loop.


5. Tie a large knot with your string and slip it into one of the points of the star. Position the loop on the outside so the knot is inside the ornament. Glue the remaining tabs down. Make sure to glue the points down firmly so the hanging loop is secure.


6. Finish with a coat of Glitter Blast Diamond Dust spray paint. The more you add, the more your star will sparkle!