Paper Flower Ornaments

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Nothing says happy holidays like a homemade ornament! Show family and friends your creative side with an ornament decorated with paper flowers, and give them something beautiful to hang on their tree.

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1. Choose complementary colors from the Black Ink Decorative Paper Pack and cut out circles. The larger the circle, the larger the paper flower will be. The smaller the circle, the smaller the flower.


2. Cut a spiral into of the circle.


3. Starting with the smaller end, roll the paper around the spiral to the larger end. The paper will look similar to the photo above. There's no right or wrong way to do this — make the flowers as tight or as loose as you want. At the bottom of the spiral (the largest end), place a dab of glue to hold the flower together.


4. Once all your flowers are rolled and glued, they can be glued to the Styrofoam ball. Place a small amount of glue on the bottom part of the flower and hold it against the ball. Glue the flowers together closely so the Styrofoam doesn't show through.


5. Attach a ribbon for hanging. Enjoy your ornament!