Painted Leather Key Chain

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Make your keys unique and easier to find! Create a one-of-a-kind keychain in a snap with leather scraps, leather paint and leather dye pens.

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1.     Print and cut out the circular template. Pick your desired leather scrap and trace the design on the back of your piece of leather.

Step 2

2.      Cut out the design using the Leather Rotary Cutter.

Step 3

3.      Choose a location for the rivet just below where the key chain loop will be. Use an awl to poke a hole at your rivet location through both pieces of the folded leather.

Step 4

4.      Use the Realeather Leather Dye Pens to apply your design. To add a light color on darker leather surfaces, apply a white base coat prior to adding the lighter color.

Step 5

5.      Once the leather paint is dry, set the rivet. Place the anvil on a flat surface and put the rivet post on the anvil. Place the painted leather on top of the rivet, threading the rivet through the hole.

Step 6

6.      To finish the key chain, use the setter and mallet to secure the rivet. Now you're ready to add it to your key ring!

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