Origami Butterfly Canvas

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Calling all butterfly fans! This beautiful origami "sculpture" is a great way to paint and fold your way into creating a unique butterfly-filled wall decoration.

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1. Download instructions for an easy origami butterfly. Make as many butterflies as you want on white or colored paper — or do a combo! Yasutomo Mineral Origami Paper accepts any media, wet or dry, so it's a great option if you want to paint or decorate your butterflies before gluing them to the canvas.


2. Embellish your origami butterflies any way you'd like. We used Blick Artists' Watercolor to add splashes of color.


3. Create a background for your butterflies by painting the canvas with Blick Studio Acrylics. These bright colors cover well, hold brush and palette marks, and dry to a lightfast, flexible finish. Allow the canvas to dry.


4. Use glue to affix the origami butterflies in a pattern that suggests movement, freedom, and beauty!


5. Allow the finished piece to dry for two or three hours. Hang and enjoy!