Origami Bird Mobile

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This colorful mobile is sure to brighten up any space! The project combines the art of origami with the movement of a mobile to create a calming ever-changing work of art.

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1. Download the pattern (above) for making a "Flapping Bird." Make 32 origami birds, one of each color in the paper assortment, excluding Black, White, and Gray.


2. Separate a 10" embroidery hoop and use the inner ring only. Attach three pieces of wire to the hoop at equally spaced points. Wrap the ends around a hanging ring, or make your own ring out of wire. Make sure the hoop is level when hanging.


3. Attach nylon cord to the lightest purple bird first. Using a tape measure, measure the cord and cut it 38" long, then lay it aside. Attach cord to the next darker purple bird and cut it 37" long. Lay it next to the first bird. Continue doing this with each bird in rainbow order, each 1" shorter than the last. HINT: Lay the birds on the table or floor in rainbow order first, then mark with pencil under a wing how long the cord should be — 35", 34", etc. You should end with the lightest pink bird, 7" long.


4. Make marks on the hoop approximately 1" apart, one for each of the 32 birds.


5. Attach the birds to the hoop in order (starting with the shortest cord) using tape or super glue. Pro Tip: If possible, hang the hoop at eye level so that the birds don't get tangled.


6. After all the birds are attached and hanging, wrap elastic cord around the hoop to cover the tape. Pro Tip: Cutting a length of two yards or more makes it easier to wrap and weave in and around the nylon cords. Tuck the loose ends under and keep wrapping.


7. Hang the mobile in a tall space and enjoy!