Op Art Spinners

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Take your own art for a spin with these one-of-a-kind spinners. Why settle for a store-bought spinner when you can create one that reflects your own talent and personality?

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1. Use a compass to create two circles on a sheet of 9" x 12" bristol board. Using markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or other drawing media, create an Op Art design on the largest of the drawn circles. This will be the back layer of the spinner. To make the transparent top layer, use the compass to draw a circle on the Dura-Lar sheet (before removing the protective film). Cut out the circle, remove the protective film from both sides, and decorate it. Make a hole in the middle of each circle.


2. Assemble the spinner onto a screw post, placing beads as spacers between each circular shape. First, insert the post into the center of the largest shape, add a bead, add the next largest shape, add a bead, then add the last (transparent) shape and the last bead. Finally, screw the top of the screw post securely onto the post.


3. Voila! Hold onto the screw post with one hand and take your Op Art creation out for a spin with the other.