"Graphic Zen" Muslin Pillow Wrap

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Do your pillows need a face-lift? Change their look and show off your creativity at the same time with an easy pillow wrap. All you need is muslin, permanent markers, and an idea. Swap out the wrap as you please to match the season or your mood.

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1.    Cut a strip of muslin that fits around the pillow with 3'' added to the length. The height of the strip will depend on the size of the pillow. It should look like a band and not cover the pillow entirely. If necessary, double the fabric for opacity.

Step 1

2.      Turn the fabric 1/2" under all the way around the strip and iron it flat. Glue the hem with fabric glue. Allow to dry.

Step 2

3.      Create a marker drawing on the front of the strip. A graphic black-and-white tangle drawing can be fun — or use seasonal and holiday motifs for inspiration.

Step 3

4.    Attach the hook-and-loop fasteners to the ends of the strip, making sure they meet. Or, use a few quick stitches with a needle and thread to secure. Wrap it around the pillow and behold your craftiness!

Step 4