Mondrian Clock

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Make a modern art clock in the style of the 1940s artist Piet Mondrian. Easy and inexpensive to make, this clock is simple yet sophisticated. Perfect for a first apartment!

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1. Draw square and rectangular shapes with a pencil, measuring to make sure the lines are perpendicular.


2. Paint the shapes with red, blue, and yellow paint.


3. Outline the shapes with black tape.


4. Neatly trim the ends of the tape with a craft knife.


5. Paint the sides of the frame with black paint.


6. Customize the clock hands. Tip: Repurpose the heavy cardstock label from the Artists' Panel. Tear off the side pieces and use the large black area above the Blick logo to make long, pointed hands.


7. Tape the brass clock hands to the back of the cardstock as shown. Make sure the hour hand is positioned with the large lip facing up (Figure A). Tape the hands approximately 5/8" apart. When you turn the cardstock over, it should look like Figure B.


8. Use the craft knife and a ruler to cut the long pointed strips.


9. Drill a 1/4" diameter hole through the center of the panel. Attach the clock parts according to the instructions on the package.