Mini Magnets

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Looking for an original and thoughtful gift? These personalized mini magnets will bring a smile to anyone's face.

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1. Using the Mini Picture Template (above), lay out the pictures you want to use. Close-up images with contrast work best. Cut out the 1" x 1" photos.


2. Make the molds for your resin magnets. Follow package instructions to measure out the two components in the Easy Mold Silicone Putty. Mix well.


3. On wax paper, press magnets into the center of each ball of Easy Mold. Flip the balls over to keep from sticking to the paper. Reshape if needed.


4. The molds will set after 25 minutes, and you can remove the magnets .However, the molds must cure for 24 hours before the next step.


5. Measure out equal parts Castin'Craft EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy resin and hardener.


6. Pour the resin and hardener into a plastic cup and mix vigorously for one minute. The mixture will bubble when thoroughly mixed.


7. Spray your molds with Castin'Craft Release Spray. Apply two coats. Allow to dry.


8. Lay a 1" x 1" photo in the bottom of each mold. Fill each mold up to the rim with resin. Fill all molds at the same time. Use a toothpick to pop any bubbles that rise to the surface.


9. Allow the resin to dry for at least 24 hours. Then pop out the resin cube.


10. Remove the backing from the ProMAG Adhesive Magnets, then attach the magnets to the backs of the resin cubes. Press firmly to ensure a secure fit.


11. Fun and functional, Mini Magnets can be displayed alone or in groups. Give them to family and friends as reminders of fun times!