Mason Jar Banks

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Perfect for spare change or as a gift, Mason Jar Banks can be decorated to reflect someone's interests or personality. Plus, they're a great way to make saving fun!

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1. Sketch a design idea for your bank. There is no right or wrong — have fun with your design!


2. Spray the jar with one or several Montana Gold Spray Paint colors to create a background for your design. Allow to dry.


3. Use Utrecht Fluid Acrylic Paints (or another fluid acrylic paint) to sketch your design on the jar. Use DecoColor Paint Markers to add details.

step 6

4. Draw a coin slot for the bank with a Sharpie marker. You might want to make it wide enough so paper money can be folded and dropped in, too!


5. Use a hammer and either a punch or a nail to punch holes in the four corners of the slot, then continue along the outline of the slot until the opening is complete. You might want to sand the edges of the slot to eliminate any sharp edges.


6. Place the lid and outer ring on the jar and your personalized mason jar bank is complete!