Luminous Fossil Prints

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Press leaves and other natural materials into soft clay, then use powdered pigment "sediment" to create colorful fossilized pendants, ornaments, charms, and more.

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1. Roll clay into a 1" diameter ball, then flatten it with a rolling pin.


2. Place a leaf or other natural material onto the clay, then roll over it to secure it to the clay.


3. Use your finger to gently rub a small amount of powdered pigment over the moist clay and the leaf. If the clay begins to dry, dip your finger into water to help smooth the pigment. Do not dip wet fingers into the jar of pigment. Turn the clay over and apply pigment to the back side. Create a hanging hole before the clay dries.


4. Remove the leaf to reveal the "fossil" imprint. Add a contrasting tint to your design if desired. Allow to dry for 24 hours, then seal with a matte or gloss varnish. Add cord and enjoy!