Painted “Glass” Light-Catching Rings

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Acrylic paint and medium are combined to create hanging paintings that rival the beauty of stained glass when displayed in a window.



Create a ring from a piece of flat reed, securing the ends with wood glue. Alternatively, use a pre-fabricated macramé ring.


2. Place your sketch on a sturdy piece of corrugated cardboard or heavy chipboard that won't bend. Cover the sketch with a clear plastic sheet protector and use masking tape to hold it in place.


3. Paint an image directly onto the film, using the sketch beneath as a guide. While the paint is drying, the reed ring may be painted with acrylic colors, if desired. When the painting and ring are both completely dry, position the ring over the painting. Brush a heavy coat of gloss medium over the entire painting, making sure it also comes in contact with the ring. Allow to dry on a perfectly level surface for several hours or overnight.


4. Gently pull the plastic film away. The painting will remain on the medium, not the plastic. To hang, determine the upright position of the ring. Thread a needle and push it through the top of the painting, near the ring. Pull through and tie the ends of the thread together to form a loop. Display in a sunny location where light can filter through the painting.