Upcycled Leather and "Turquoise" Cuff Bracelet

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Make a cuff bracelet from old or discarded leather belts, and then fashion "turquoise" beads from polymer clay. Design work with additional beads and permanent markers combine to make "upcycled" adornments!

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1. Cut a length of leather belt (with belt holes), approximately 2" longer than the circumference of your wrist. If a belt with belt holes is unavailable, secure a suede lace loop to one end of the belt with glue, or punch a hole in the belt with an awl. A glued loop can then be used as a clasp. Suede lacing can also be attached to both ends of the cuff, and simply tied onto the wrist. Added image copy: Suede lace Incorporate the buckle or other details if you want! The belt buckle makes a great fastener for the bracelet.


2. Create faux turquoise beads by kneading and blending three colors of Fimo Polymer Clay into interesting shapes. Punch holes in the beads and bake them in an oven following package instructions. Pro tip: For a Fimo granite effect use a permanent marker to make the characteristic veining of real turquoise. Be creative and design original shapes for your beads!


3. Attach beads with linen cord, and your bracelet is ready to be worn!