Handmade Holiday Card

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A monoprint method and a Gelli Arts Printing Plate are all you need to create a unique, personal handmade holiday card.

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1. Punch three snowflakes evenly out of the edge of a piece of scrap paper. Save the cutouts.


2. Use the brayer to roll acrylic paint over the plate. Pearlescent Mixing Medium can be added to the paint, or used alone to add a pearly sheen. If desired, add texture using bubble wrap, stamps, and texture plates. Position the edge of the paper with three snowflakes cut out on the edge of the gel plate.


3. Sprinkle fine glitter on top of the paint, if desired. Press the front of the card onto the plate and apply even pressure with your hand, covering the entire plate. Peel the card away from the plate. Remove the snowflake cutouts. The card may be printed once or multiple times for a layered effect. The snowflake cutouts can be placed on the plate to act as resist for the paint. Add a sentiment to the front using a permanent marker, or glue on a strip of ribbon.