Give Your Heart

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What's better than a handmade gift for Valentine's Day? Fashion this charming heart-shaped dish to hold a small gift or a handful of candy, or to use as a candle holder. It's simple, sophisticated, and personal.


1. Slice off a 1" thick piece of clay from the 5 lb block using a wire cutter or sturdy thread. Place the slice on a table covered with kraft paper or canvas, then roll it evenly with the rolling pin into a slab about 1/4" thick. Using the fettling knife, cut out a heart. (If you need a paper pattern, make one! Remember doing that in first grade? Fold a piece of paper in half and cut to make a perfect heart.)


2. If you want to make a textured heart, place a doily or a piece of lace on part or all of the heart and roll over it with the rolling pin. Trim any edges that may have become misshapen, then smooth the edges with a moistened finger.


3. Use a thumbtack to poke three or four holes in the top of your Brusho Crystal Colours containers. Then start sprinkling! But use caution — a little goes a long way. The moisture in the clay will cause the Brusho crystals to expand slightly. If you want more pizzazz and larger areas of color, spritz lightly with water. Give it some time before adding more. Use red and pink pigments for a classic valentine color palette, or any colors you want!


4. After an hour or so of drying, the clay will have stiffened somewhat. Gently fold up the edges of the heart to form a shallow bowl. After drying overnight, brush on a coat of Blick Gloss Medium. IDEA: Cut out a few tiny hearts to scatter on the dish. Or add hanging holes and string the small hearts to wear as jewelry or to decorate a gift.