Freeform Resin Geode

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Bundle Geode
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Glitter, sparkle, and shine! Create your own geode-inspired artwork with ArtResin, Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints, and Jacquard Piñata Colors. Learn to make a freeform mold using modeling clay. Then mix and tint the resin with paints, sparkling glitters, and crystal elements for a truly one-of-a-kind g...



1. Cover a hardboard panel with plastic drop cloth and adhere it to one side using heavy-duty tape.

2. Measure and make a mark at 3" inside the board on all sides. Connect lines with a ruler to create a border using a china marker. Use the china marker to draw a freeform geode shape inside the border frame.

3. Separate Super Sculpey carefully in sets of two. Connect pieces together on the ends until a long piece is created. Set pieces on top of the previously drawn freeform geode lines until they connect to complete a closed shape. Create an opening in the center by making a smaller opening inside the freeform geode using the same process.

4. Use a box wood tool to attach Sculpey to the covered board on all sides, including the inside to make sure the seam is airtight on all sides to avoid any potential leaks. Paint enough Golden Glass Bead Gel to cover the Sculpey freeform mold using a dry paintbrush. Fix any leaks in the mold by covering the hole with a piece of Sculpey.

5. Place glass elements inside geode as desired, using smallest pieces where available.

6. Mix ArtResin in 1:1 ratio and stir for three minutes using a timer. ArtResin will start to cure after 45 minutes and can be difficult to work with if left out (in mixing cups) for too long.

7. Immediately add desired elements such as fluid acrylics, gold leaf, glitter, and alcohol inks using a craft stick. Alternate layers of texture, color, and transparency. Alcohol inks may be applied to the mixture, or directly on top of poured resin and manipulated with a craft stick.

8. Starting on the outside and working your way in, pour mixtures 1 oz at a time directly into the mold. Use a craft stick to keep poured layers even. Add smaller rings with a pipette to apply mixed resin.

9. Once the surface is covered, continue to add layers of resin or varied colors until desired effects are achieved using up to 10 oz of ArtResin.

10. Continuously remove air bubbles from geode resin artworks using hand held torch. Hold the torch approximately 6" away from geode and heat until air bubbles are removed.

11. Remove the resin from the mold after allowing it to dry for 24 hours. Lightly sand the edges of geode with fine grain sandpaper. The resin will fully cure in 72 hours.

12. Embellish with additional glass once the geodes are cured.