Felt Zip Clutch

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This unique clutch is stylish, simple to make, and very functional. All you need is one pattern piece and a zipper!

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1. Trace the pattern onto muslin and felt. Once traced, cut out with scissors.


2. Spray a thin layer of mounting adhesive on the back side of the muslin. Place it on the felt, smoothing out any wrinkles during the process.


3. With the zipper fully unzipped, use Liquid Stitch to adhere the zipper to the fabric. Make sure the zipper is facing outward.


4. Wrap the suede lacing around the edge of the design and glue it in place. This adds style and hides any frayed edges from the felt.


5. Your bag will be ready to use after the glue has dried for 15 minutes.


6. Fill your clutch with any supplies you want. This handy clutch is perfect for anyone looking for storage with style.