Custom Leather Coasters

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Bring a unique look to a table near you with customized coasters made from leather. Any design can be transferred and engraved into the leather, offering endless opportunities for creativity.

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1. Using a ballpoint pen, trace around a cork coaster onto the back side of the leather. Repeat to make four coasters. Use an X-Acto knife or scissors to cut out the coasters.

Step 4

2. Squeeze an even layer of Gorilla Super Glue Gel onto the cork coaster. Place the leather piece on top and press together. Allow to dry for two hours.

Step 5

3. Lay one of the coasters on the transfer paper and trace around it with a ballpoint pen. Cut out the shape.

Step 6

4. Use a ballpoint pen to transfer your design to the leather coaster.

Step 7

5. Use leather shaping tools to trace the outline of your design. Use pressure to engrave the design into the leather. Keep in mind that your traced lines will be covered later with paint. Add additional details and reliefs to customize the design.

Step 8

6. Paint the top of the coaster with a thin layer of acrylic paint to hide the trace marks. Use any color that works with your design.

Step 1

7. Using your traced lines as a guide, fill in areas and add accents with acrylic paint.

Step 2GG

8. Allow paint to dry, then spray the coasters with a clear gloss coat to create a waterproof finish. Apply two to three coats, letting each coat dry between applications.

Step 3