Cupid's Arrow Valentines

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Why settle for candy hearts when you can win someone's heart with these playful and stylish arrows?

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1. Cut two triangles out of the leather scraps, then glue them to one end of a dowel rod.

Step 2

2. Cut two parallelograms from the leather, and line them up with the "arrow" so they're facing the same direction. Glue them to the other end of the dowel rod.

Step 3

3. Wrap small strips of metallic tape around the dowel rod at various points to add a bit of shimmer to your arrow.

Step 4

4. Paint stripes, dots, and other patterns on the dowel rod using Blick Matte Acrylic paints.

Step 5

5. Experiment with different colors and combinations! Attach a ribbon with a special message for your special someone.

Step 6

6. To make the quiver, cut a wide hexagon measuring 9-1/2" long at the center. Fold and glue the bottom and sides 3/4" in from the edges. Leave the top open.

Step 7

7. To make the strap, cut a strip 1/2" wide by 10" long, then glue the two ends of the strip to the outside of the quiver on the short side.

Step 8

8. Use scissors to cut a fringe up to the boundary. Fill your quiver with your arrows and get ready to play Cupid!

Step 1