Sigma Beauty SigMagic Scrub

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SigMagic Scrub
SigMagic Scrub
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Clean your extra-dirty cosmetic brushes and paintbrushes with this natural cleanser from Sigma Beauty. The SigMagic Scrub is a two-in-one solid cleanser and Sigma Spa gadget that cleans cosmetics and waterbased paints from brushes quickly just add water. When used for cleaning cosmetic brushes, better skin and faster makeup application are the result. Even the toughest of foundation and pigment stains are easily scrubbed away just add water to the Sigma Spa gadget. The SigMagic Scrub's firm-hold suction cups leave your hands free, and the vented lid allows the product to dry and stay germ-free. Paint or cosmetic buildup, oil, and bacteria wash away to return brushes to their natural state without the use of harmful chemicals. The antimicrobial formula prevents growth of bacteria for up to two weeks after use. Sigma Beauty SigMagic Scrub contains 100% natural virgin coconut and ethically sourced palm oil.

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