Metal Candle Molds

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Metal Candle Molds
Metal Candle Molds
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These high-quality, professional molds give great results every time. Each mold includes 3 ft (76 cm) of wicking, a wick rod and retainer screw, mold sealer, and instructions. Note  — Please see item specs tab for wax volume information.

Item Specs

Item Number Shape Approximate Wax Volume
60985-1009 Embedding Mold Set 30 oz
60985-0014 Heart 24 oz
60985-0001 Round 24 oz
60985-0009 Round w/ Mini Scallops 22 oz
60985-0006 Square 28 oz
60985-0003 Square w/ Angled Corners 24 oz
60985-0005 Star 16 oz