Daylight D20 Smart Lamps


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Daylight  D20 Smart Lamps
Daylight D20 Smart Lamps
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Lightweight, foldable, and fully dimmable, Daylight Smart Lamps are USB-compatible, allowing you to plug them into your computer or phone charger. The D20 Smart Lamp lets you toggle among three color spectrums, including warm, cool, and natural. The warm setting offers a traditional, general-p...

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Item Specs

Base Dimensions 5-5/8" × 5-5/8" 14 cm × 14 cm
Arm Height 14½" 36 cm
Light Length 12½" 31 cm
Arm/Light Width 1-1/2" 3.8 cm
Total Height 24-3/4" 63 cm
Weight 1.6 lb 0.7 kg