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The Artists Serving Artists ™ program (ASA) highlights our talented associates who bring their artistic skills and creativity to Blick.

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Celebrating Artists

Featured Artists Highlights

What makes an artist? In this highlight reel, a few of our associates tell us about their artistic inspirations and challenges, and what motivates them to keep creating. Get to know some of our associates in this compilation video, and watch their in-depth interviews plus many more at our YouTube page linked at the bottom of this page.

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Designed with the artist in mind, purchase of ASA products supports programs that benefit our staff. BLICK is proud to support our team of associate artists with a collection as unique and creative as they are!

Watch Featured Videos

Our Emmy-nominated documentary series highlights a few of our talented staff members who are also amazing artists. Learn more about what inspires them through these featured interviews as they share their work, process, and artistic practice.

  • ASA - Keaton Bell

    “Art is an outlet. Art is a way for you to feel like you have a voice in the world. My art making is my safe space. I feel so at home. I feel like I can finally rest or I’m at peace when I’m creating work because it makes me slow down.” -Keaton B.

  • ASA-Jeff spicer

    “Being an artist is one of the best things you’ll ever do and one of the most terrifying things you’ll ever do.” -Jeff S.

  • ASA- Tiffany Bar

    “My art is an emotional thing. Especially with abstract art, you can see so much and so many different parts of it, that I want people to be able to look at my pieces, and while they may not know my personal reasoning behind it, but maybe they connect to it in a way, and it speaks to them.” -Tiffany B.

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