Holbein Artists' Colored Pencils - Assorted Tones, Set of 100, Tin Box

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Product Details

Assorted Tones
Artists' Colored Pencils, Set of 100
Tin Box

Includes Cherry Blossom OP011, Pink OP022, Salmon Pink OP028, Carnation OP031, Carmine OP042, Signal Red OP043, Scarlet OP044, Vermilion OP046, Orange OP048, Strawberry OP051, Light Red OP054, Burnt Sienna OP057, Wine Red OP060, Crimson OP062, Ash Rose OP076, Chocolate OP086, Mahogany OP093, Cinnamon OP096, Brown OP099, Jaune Brilliant OP122, Cream OP127, Naples Yellow OP134, Marigold OP142, Dandelion OP145, Canary Yellow OP147, Lemon OP149, Yellow Ochre OP153, Mustard OP165, Cork OP171, Beige OP173, Sand OP175, Burnt Umber OP180, Sepia OP182, Raw Umber OP184, Olive Green OP189, Khaki OP194, Olive Yellow OP198, Lettuce Green OP222, Cobalt Green OP225, Ice Green OP228, Emerald Green OP235, Chartreuse Green OP240, Fresh Green OP243, Veridian OP247, Apple Green OP251, Malachite Green OP255, Sap Green OP262, Holly Green OP264, Forest Green OP267, Willow Green OP270, Opal Green OP271, Misty Green OP272, Surf Green OP275, Fir Green OP288, Moss Green OP, Leaf Green OP291, Jasper Green OP294, Horizon Blue OP312, Porcelain Blue OP321, Aqua OP323, Sky Blue OP324, Lavender Blue OP328, Cerulean Blue OP335, Smalt Blue OP339, Peacock Blue OP340, Turquoise Blue OP343, Cobalt Blue OP347, Royal Blue OP348, Ultra Blue OP349, Prussian Blue OP368, Sky Mist OP371, Smoke Blue OP379, Saxe Blue OP395, Lilac OP422, Rose Pink OP429, Mauve OP434, Cosmo OP437, Violet OP441, Iris OP443, Azalea OP448, Magenta OP449, Indigo OP460, Sea Fog OP476, Raisin OP486, White OP500, Soft White OP501, Black OP510, Lamp Black OP511, Warm Grey #3 OP523, Warm Grey #5 OP525, Cool Grey #3 OP533, Cool Grey #5 OP535, Gold OP600, Pale Gold OP610, Copper OP630, Silver OP640, Luminous Opera OP720, Luminous Orange OP730, Luminous Lemon OP740, and Luminous Green OP750.

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