Treasure Tiles

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Treasure Tile
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Celebrate treasures of the sea with glossy, hand-painted tiles with the rich look of kiln-glazed ceramics – but so much easier! Choose from three different design methods to best suit your style and artistry experience. Great for gift-giving or to display as original works of art – individually or i...



  1. Clean the tile with a damp towel. Trace around the perimeter of the tile on sketch paper and sketch a simple design with pencil.
  2. Determine if the outline will be clear (white) or solid. If clear, proceed to step 3. To make black or colored outlines, fill a

squeeze bottle with .5-oz of glue and add a dime-sized dollop of tempera paint. 3. Shake the bottle vigorously in all directions to mix ingredients and allow the bottle to sit for an additional 15 minutes to continue the dispersing process. Tip: If the bottle is capped tightly, the mixture will remain usable for several days. 4. If the design will have a solid-color outline, draw the design on the tile first. If the outline is going to be clear, squeeze the outline of the design directly onto the tile without drawing it first (so pencil lines will not be visible). Keep a damp paper towel handy to catch any mistakes. Allow to dry. 5. With a small brush, fill between the outlines with Jazz® Gloss Tempera. Do not thin colors — keep them thick. Allow to dry. 6. To simplify this project without tracing a design, create an abstract pattern with a few free-flowing glue lines. Then fill in between glue lines with color. 7. Another simple, alternate method, is to marblize the tile, which works well with thick-bodied Jazz® paint. Squeeze drops or lines of paint directly onto the tile surface and swirl them together with a Scratch-Art Stick. Cover the entire tile surface. 8. Whichever method is used, the surface of the tile will have the look and feel of glazed ceramic, however, it will remain watersoluble. To make the finish permanent, seal it with a protective clear spray coating. Read all label instructions carefully, use is not recommended with children present.